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“I have called them 6 times, but no one returns my call."

  • Our constant contact policy allows us to cover the details.

“No one seems to know what is going on."

  • Owner Geoff Nolan has his finger on the pulse of every project.  A manager is checking on a daily basis, and an assigned foreman and crew are there every day.
“Can they be trusted in my home?"
  • We have put together a staff of painters you can feel comfortable around, just ask one of our customers who accidentally left their 6 year old home alone with us. These are people that you can trust.

“I’m being sued! The guy said they had insurance."

  • Fully insured means we carry liability and workers comp to project you from law suits that your homeowners insurance does not cover.  Just ask us for our county license number or certificates of insurance.  We love to show them off.
"Oh no!  There is a problem with the job!"
  • There may be a problem on a job.  You can be sure Intex will take care of it.  Take the worst example of a textured bathroom that the architect’s room schedule said to paint.  When he was not willing to take the blame, Intex stepped up and paid the $7,400 to have the walls re-textured.  In other words, we stand by our work.

“That old van is leaking oil on my driveway."

  • Our unique trailer system keeps overhead down, not only by reducing gas, insurance, and maintenance costs, but also does not allow for wasted time going to a shop.

“They started, but have not been back in days."

  • Never going to happen at Intex.  Once we start your project, we are yours until it is completed.
“My vegetables from the garden taste a little funny this year."
  • From recycling our job site garbage to properly disposing of our paint thinner, Intex is always conscious of your environment.
“He said it was going to be $5,500, but he is only half finished and wants more money."
  • We spend time up front so we know how many man hours we will need to do the job right.  Our years of experience give us the background to price a job correctly.

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